Art Deco Statuette Centerpieces

Step into the Roaring Twenties! Your Next Shindig Just Got a Whole Lot Fancier!

Say hello to our dazzling Art Deco Statuette collection – a blast from the past that’s ready to jazz up your party like it’s the 1920s all over again.

These Art Nouveau statues are like time-traveling decor, transforming any event into a speakeasy sensation.

Picture this: a suave brass figure paired with a crystal-clear glass sphere, radiating class and charm. They’re not just table centrepieces; they’re conversation starters, photo magnets, and dance floor dividers!

From weddings to Gatsby-themed gatherings, these statues are your ticket to a toe-tapping, feather-flaunting soirée. Our guide will help you whip up a night to remember, complete with props and centrepieces that’ll make Jay Gatsby himself jealous.

Ready to turn your party into a roaring success? Contact us at Table-Art, and let’s make your event the bee’s knees!

Design One Dimensions: H:56cm | W:18cm | D:18cm

Design Two Dimensions: H:61cm | W:30cm | D:18cm

Art Deco Statuette Table-Art Centrepiece Gallery

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