Candlestick Tall Centerpieces

Introducing our Tall Candlestick – a perfect blend of timeless charm and modern allure.

This tall candlestick exudes a classic elegance while sporting a fresh and contemporary design, making it the ideal choice for any occasion.

It's no wonder that the Candlestick Tall has quickly become as popular as our beloved Candelabra.

What sets the Tall Candlestick apart is its remarkable performance in historic venues. It effortlessly complements traditional settings and infuses them with the enchantment of dynamic lighting effects. At its peak, this candlestick features an LED light that mimics the warm, lifelike glow of a real candle, adding to its appeal and versatility. Elevate your space with sophistication and style with our Tall Candlestick.

Ready to light up your event? Contact Table-Art today, and let’s make your gathering truly illuminating!”

Dimensions: H:116cm | W:27.5cm | D:27.5cm

Candlestick Tall Table-Art Centrepiece Gallery

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