Crystal Globe Low Centerpieces

Introducing the Crystal Globe Low – the eternal superstar of table centrepieces that never goes out of style.

It’s like that trusty little black dress in your closet, always a hit. 

Event planners, brace yourselves for an easy choice that oozes sophistication and irresistible charm, making you look like an event-planning wizard.

What’s more, these beauties aren’t just eye candy. You can make them dance to your event’s theme music by choosing any colour to light them up. And if you’re feeling particularly tech-savvy, go ahead and control them wirelessly via DMX for some mind-blowing lighting wizardry.

Ideal for a swanky Ballroom theme, the Crystal Globe Low promises to dazzle your guests as they saunter into the room. It’s like love at first sight, both for your theme and for that glittering crystal globe.

So, go ahead, let these centrepieces shine and make your event sparkle, one colour shift at a time. Your guests will thank you.  Contact us at Table-Art and let the magic begin!

Dimensions: H:33cm | W:26cm | D:26cm

Crystal Globe Low Table-Art Centrepiece Gallery

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