Crystal Globe Tall Centerpieces

Step into the timeless charm of our Crystal Globe Tall.

This Table Art stand has rubbed shoulders with the cool kids at many high-profile events and it’s not showing its age one bit.

This classic beauty, adorned with our sparkling crystal globe, sprinkles instant pizzazz on any event.

It’s like adding a dash of glitter to your life – irresistible to event planners who want to turn ordinary gatherings into shimmering spectacles. Moreover, they can be wirelessly controlled via DMX, enabling you to orchestrate mesmerizing lighting displays that will leave your guests in awe.

For a ballroom-themed soirée, this design is your go-to for infusing sophistication and a touch of spectacle. It’s the ultimate magnet for guests, drawing them to the dance floor faster than you can say “ballroom blitz.” Create a ballroom bash that’ll leave guests waltzing on air.

For inquiries, contact us at Table-Art for a touch of timeless elegance at your next event!

Dimensions: H:110cm | W:26cm | D:26cm


Crystal Globe Tall Table-Art Centrepiece Gallery

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