Film Reel Centerpieces

Introducing our Film Reel centrepiece – a stunning tribute to the timeless allure of old Hollywood.

Ideal for movie-themed events, this centrepiece transports you to the romantic days of vintage Tinseltown.

Adorned with two exquisitely designed film reels, a graceful ribbon gracefully descends from an acrylic stand.

Elevate your event with personalized branded film reels, bearing your table’s name.

Our Hollywood-inspired styling has the power to transform any gathering, making each guest feel like a VIP. Walk down the metaphorical red carpet and create a captivating atmosphere with our Light Panels featuring iconic Hollywood legends. The Film Reel centrepiece isn’t just a decorative piece; it’s a portal to a world of cinematic charm, adding an air of sophistication to your event.

Ready to roll with your event planning? Reach out to us in Table-Art for the reel deal on movie-themed magic!

Dimensions: H:115cm | W:36cm | D:36cm

Film Reel Table-Art Centrepiece Gallery

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