Fish Bowl Centerpieces

With its timeless design, the Fish Bowl centrepiece is the ideal choice for events like awards shows, presentation evenings, and year-end reviews.

This versatile centrepiece, complete with a Fish Bowl adorned with lilies and delicate grass details, effortlessly complements any setting.

Our Fish Bowl centrepiece offers a captivating twist to match your theme – customizable LED lights are available in a spectrum of colours.

So, whether you’re celebrating achievement, showcasing excellence, or commemorating the year’s accomplishments, the Fish Bowl centrepiece not only adds an elegant touch but also adapts to your chosen theme with a radiant display of colour. It truly transforms your event into a masterpiece of sophisticated decor.

Reach out to us in Table-Art and let’s dive into a sea of information to make your event truly unforgettable!

Dimensions: H:26cm | W:24cm | D:22cm

Fish Bowl Table-Art Centrepiece Gallery

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