Flower Air Centerpieces

We're absolutely thrilled to introduce the Flower Air, a magnificent addition to our Table-Art Collection.

Flower Air – where art meets inspiration.

This centrepiece is all about sophistication and pure beauty. It gives the illusion of orchids floating gracefully mid-air inside a delicate glass cylinder, creating a flawless focal point for any setting.

If you’re on the prom committee and searching for something truly enchanting, your search ends here. Let the Flower Air inspire and elevate your decor game. It’s not just for proms but also for event planners and anyone who craves that touch of magic in their design. This centrepiece is bound to leave a lasting impression, igniting your creativity and infusing your space with elegance and charm.

Reach out to us in Table-Art for more info and let the fun blossom in your event planning!

Dimensions: H:70cm | W:18cm | D:18cm

Flower Air Table-Art Centrepiece Gallery

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