Full Moon Centerpieces

The Full Moon centrepiece stands as a prime candidate for our most beloved design.

It gracefully occupies the lowest tier on your table, ensuring an unobstructed view of the stage for your guests.

The Full Moon centrepiece magically magnifies the impact of our lighting system, offering exquisite light diffusion as the default setting.

This versatile centrepiece can create a celestial ambiance under the stars or evoke a timeless, classic charm. Furthermore, the Full Moon’s elegance and simplicity can be taken to the next level with our Event Styling services. Customize the LED lighting to suit your event’s unique aesthetic and watch as the Full Moon becomes even more stunning and captivating.

Get in touch with Table-Art, and let’s sprinkle some stardust on your event – we’re just an email or call away!

Dimensions: H:35cm | W:23cm | D:23cm

Full Moon Table-Art Centrepiece Gallery

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