Guitar Centerpieces

Inject some rock and roll into your event with our Guitar centrepiece.

The perfect addition for concerts, rock nights, and music-themed gatherings.

This centrepiece not only sets the stage but also ignites a musical spark, channelling your guests' inner rock gods as the iconic instrument casts its glow.

What makes it even more exciting is that it’s customizable to match any colour theme you desire. Whether you want to go classic with black and white or opt for a more vibrant, personalized touch, this centrepiece can be tailored to suit your event’s aesthetic perfectly.

Watch as the table transforms into a canvas of musical brilliance, where memories and conversations flow freely. Make a statement, let the music-themed magic come alive, and set the tone for an unforgettable, rock-infused atmosphere.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us in Table-Art for more info, because we’re here to rock your world with details and answers!

Dimensions: H:85cm |W:30cm | D:18cm

Guitar Table-Art Centrepiece Gallery

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