Rio Twist Centerpieces

Are you ready to samba your way into the heart of a Carnival-themed fiesta?

Look no further than Table Art’s sensational Rio Twist centrepiece!

These dazzling showstoppers come in both tall and low versions, and they've been shaking up events across the country.

What’s the secret to their mesmerizing allure? Two mighty LED plates—one on top and one at the bottom—that let you orchestrate a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns with our state-of-the-art lighting tech.

In today’s world, eventgoers want to be swept off their feet by dramatic, immersive transformations in atmosphere. That’s where our lighting technology steps in. These table centrepieces are brought to life by mind-blowing DMX-powered lights, ensuring your gathering is nothing short of unforgettable. So, let the Rio Twist be your party’s dazzling dance partner, infusing fun, energy, and that unforgettable touch that’ll keep everyone talking about your event for years to come.

Contact us today and let the festivities begin!

Dimensions: H:120cm | W:18cm | D:18cm

Rio Twist Table-Art Centrepiece Gallery

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