Ritz Lamp Tall Centerpieces

Introducing our Ritz Lamp Tall centrepiece, a true embodiment of luxury inspired by the lavish Ritz Hotel.

We’ve taken the classic Candlestick and given it a fresh, modern twist with the option of a gold or silver lampshade.

What sets this lamp apart is the touch of elegance it brings to any space, thanks to the diamond droplets that gracefully dangle from the stand, adding a touch of drama and sophistication.

The Ritz Lamp Tall centrepiece is not your average lamp; it’s a work of art that combines form and function. It plays with colours and radiance, boasting a unique dual-light design. One light source is positioned at the base, while the other is tucked inside the lampshade. This clever setup allows you to play with the ambiance and create a unique lighting experience, making the Ritz Lamp Tall a standout centrepiece that exudes grace and opulence.

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Dimensions: H:102cm | W:30cm | D:30cm

Ritz Lamp Tall Table-Art Centrepiece Gallery

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