Shimmer Lamp Centerpieces

Elevate your disco-themed soiree to a whole new level with our captivating Shimmer Lamps.

These enchanting lamps steal the spotlight, bedecked in shimmering silver sequins that dance gracefully, creating a mesmerizing play of light across your table.

Perched atop our timeless acrylic stands, these lamps tower above your guests' eye level, ensuring an unobstructed view.

When combined with our Tall Mirror Ball centrepiece, your party will truly channel the spirit of ABBA and the disco era. For an unforgettable night of glitz and glamour, make our Shimmer Lamps an essential part of your event.

Contact us at Table-Art to turn your celebration into a dazzling extravaganza!

Dimensions: H:115cm | W:22cm | D:22cm

Shimmer Lamp Table-Art Centrepiece Gallery

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