Silhouette Vase Centerpieces

Introducing our Silhouette Vase – the shapeshifter of chic!

It’s not just a vase; it’s a canvas for creativity.

Whether you're a footie fanatic celebrating your heroes or an awards show ready to splash sponsor logos in style, this tall glass wonder is your ticket.

Picture this: a customizable print canvas inside, turning your centrepiece game into a personalized masterpiece without breaking the bank. Inject the lively vibes of the pitch into your venue and turn any night into a memory-making fiesta. Because why settle for the ordinary when you can jazz it up with a touch of flair? The Silhouette Vase: where elegance meets excitement!

Contact Table-Art for a touch of personalized artistry!

Dimensions: H:70cm | W:18cm | D:18cm

Silhouette Vase Table-Art Centrepiece Gallery

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