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Art Deco Theme

Step into a world of glitz, glam, and a whole lot of fun with Table-Art! If you’re throwing an Art Deco event, we’ve got just the ticket to transport your guests back to the fabulous 1920s.

Our Art Deco Centrepieces are the bee’s knees! Picture metallic finishes, geometric patterns, and pure opulence. These centrepieces will make your guests feel like they’ve stepped right into a Gatsby party.

Let’s talk feathers! Our Feather Centrepieces are all about old-school elegance with a touch of modern flair. They’re like a feathered fiesta, cascading plumes in vibrant colours, all decked out with fancy accessories.

To add a dash of drama, we’ve got the Black Star Cloth! It’s like dining under a starry night sky in the heart of the roaring ’20s – a twinkling touch that’ll keep your guests talking.

Table-Art is your go-to for creating unforgettable Art Deco events that are as fun as they are fabulous. Let us sprinkle some magic into your event and turn it into a party your guests won’t stop raving about!

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