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Carnival Theme

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to Table-Art, where we’re all about turning your ordinary event into a rip-roaring carnival extravaganza! If you’re planning a shindig that’s big on fun and whimsy, our collection of carnival-themed table centrepieces and carnival draping, along with our life-size inflatable Elephant, is just what you need to sprinkle some magic into your celebration.

Why settle for the same old stuffy centrepieces when you can have mini carousels, Ferris wheels, and circus animals gracing your tables? Our table centrepieces are like a ticket to your very own carnival – bursting with vibrant colours and painstakingly detailed designs. They’re the conversation starters your party deserves!

Create an atmosphere that feels like a stroll through the heart of a carnival with our carnival draping. It’s the perfect way to set the scene, adding that extra touch of whimsical charm. With vibrant colours and playful patterns, our carnival draping will transform your venue into a carnival wonderland!

Behold the star of the show – our Giant Inflatable Elephant! This majestic creature adds a touch of whimsy and grandeur to your event. Lit up in an array of colours, it’s the centrepiece that’s larger than life and promises to be the highlight of your carnival-themed soirée. Guests young and old will be enchanted!

At Table-Art, we’re all about adding a sprinkle of carnival magic to your special day. Get in touch with us today and let’s turn your event into the greatest show on earth! Come one, come all, to Table-Art – where the fun never ends!

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