Acrobat Table Centre Greatest Showman Theme

Greatest Showman Theme

Jump into the Extravaganza: Table-Art Presents “Greatest Showman” Step right up and welcome to the mesmerizing world of Table-Art, where we’re not just event decorators; we’re maestros of spectacle! Brace yourselves for the most sensational Greatest Showman-themed event of your dreams, where every detail is a jaw-dropping act in itself. Prepare to be spellbound as …

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Theming Light Panel Corporate Event Football Theming 4 Dublin

Football Theme

Kickin’ It with Table-Art: Where Football Meets Fun! Welcome to the world of Table-Art, where we kick ordinary events up a notch with our awesome football-themed decor! Picture this: Football Boot Centrepieces stealing the spotlight, ready to score big at your event. These aren’t just any centrepieces; they’re a perfect blend of art and sport, …

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Pixel Tube Table Centrepieces With Greenery

Woodland Theme

Unleash Your Woodland Dreams with Table-Art! Welcome to the whimsical world of Table-Art, where we sprinkle a dash of magic and a pinch of fun to create the most enchanting Woodland Themed Events. Our forest-inspired decor is so captivating that even the woodland creatures would be envious. From our delightful Birdcage table centres to our …

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Draping Red Entrance Drapery Santa's Grotto Christmas Theming

Christmas Theme

Gather ’round, folks, because at Table-Art, we’re taking the magic of Christmas to a whole new level with our Santa’s Grotto theme. We’re not your average event decorators; we’re Santa’s little helpers of creativity and merriment. Whether you’re throwing a corporate bash, a festive family get-together, or a neighbourhood shindig, our Christmas Tree Table Centres, …

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Oscar Statue Hollywood Theming

Hollywood Theme

Welcome to the glitzy, star-studded world of Table-Art, where we sprinkle a dash of Hollywood magic onto your themed event! Roll out the red carpet – literally! We’ve got the scarlet path of fame that’s going to make your guests feel like the A-listers they truly are. Watch them strut their stuff like seasoned pros …

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Ritz Lamp Low Table Centres Gold Theming

Gold Theming

Step into a world of golden enchantment with Table-Art! We’re here to take your Gold Themed Event to a whole new level of shimmering excitement. At Table-Art, we offer an array of opulent delights to elevate your event: Turn up the elegance with our Ritz Lamp Centrepiece, a true showstopper that casts a warm, golden …

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Theming Light Panel Corporate Event Carnival Theming Light Panel 7 Dublin

Carnival Theme

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to Table-Art, where we’re all about turning your ordinary event into a rip-roaring carnival extravaganza! If you’re planning a shindig that’s big on fun and whimsy, our collection of carnival-themed table centrepieces and carnival draping, along with our life-size inflatable Elephant, is just what you need to sprinkle …

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MG 6802

Bond Theming

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the exhilarating world of Bond? At Table-Art, we’re not just about decor; we’re all about creating unforgettable, laughter-filled experiences. So, get ready to infuse your event with the glamour and thrill of Bond, and add a pinch of fun that’ll leave your guests talking about it …

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Art Deco Tall Themed Event Table Centre Piece

Art Deco Theme

Step into a world of glitz, glam, and a whole lot of fun with Table-Art! If you’re throwing an Art Deco event, we’ve got just the ticket to transport your guests back to the fabulous 1920s. Our Art Deco Centrepieces are the bee’s knees! Picture metallic finishes, geometric patterns, and pure opulence. These centrepieces will …

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Circus Elephant Inflatable

Around The World Theme

Ahoy there, globetrotters and party enthusiasts! Get ready to embark on an adventure like no other with Table-Art at your ‘Around the World’ themed event. We’re the masters of turning your shindig into a worldwide escapade! First up, our Asian Umbrella centrepieces – they’re not just centrepieces; they’re mini teleportation devices. These eye-catching, handcrafted wonders …

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Photo by Kevin Mcfeely

Winter Wonderland Theme

Hey there, party planners and winter enthusiasts! Welcome to the coolest place in town, Table-Art! We’re here to sprinkle your event with a generous dose of magic, and that’s a promise. When it’s time to turn your gathering into a Winter Wonderland Event, we’re the ones you want on your side. Our pièce de résistance …

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