Clear Candelabra Lit In White Light Corporate Event Table Centrepiece

Clear Candelabra Centerpieces

Say farewell to the days of traditional metal candelabras and real flames. Our Clear Candelabra centrepiece is a striking departure from the ordinary. Crafted from crystal-clear acrylic, it’s not just a centrepiece – it’s a modern work of art. This masterpiece is designed to catch and reflect the mesmerizing glow of our LED lightboxes, turning …

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Candlestick Tall Table Centre

Candlestick Tall Centerpieces

Introducing our Tall Candlestick – a perfect blend of timeless charm and modern allure. This tall candlestick exudes a classic elegance while sporting a fresh and contemporary design, making it the ideal choice for any occasion. It’s no wonder that the Candlestick Tall has quickly become as popular as our beloved Candelabra. What sets the …

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Candlestick Low Table Centre

Candlestick Low Centerpieces

Introducing our exquisite Low Candlestick centrepiece, where sophistication meets practicality. Elevate your event with this remarkable creation that seamlessly blends ambiance and functionality. Our centrepiece features a remarkably realistic flickering candle that bathes the room in a warm, inviting glow, replicating the charm of a genuine flame. What makes the Low Candlestick truly special is …

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