Twisted Flame Table Centre Corporate Event

Twisted Flame Centerpieces

Meet our Twisted Flame Centrepiece! It’s not your average centrepiece! It’s like a dance of flames brought to life on your table. It’s not just any centrepiece; it’s the star of the show during the Awards Season, adding a touch of modern charm to corporate events. But here’s the fun part – it’s also the …

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Star Fountain Table Centrepiece Corporate Event CityNorth Hotel Co Meath

Star Fountain Centerpieces

Galactic Glamour: The Star Fountain Extravaganza! Blast off into a world of celestial charm with our Star Fountain Centrepiece. Under this starry spectacle, your guests will be starstruck faster than you can say “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” But wait, there’s more! If your event’s superhero-level awesome, our Star Fountain is the secret weapon you’ve been …

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Crystal Globe Tall Centerpieces

Step into the timeless charm of our Crystal Globe Tall. This Table Art stand has rubbed shoulders with the cool kids at many high-profile events and it’s not showing its age one bit. This classic beauty, adorned with our sparkling crystal globe, sprinkles instant pizzazz on any event. It’s like adding a dash of glitter …

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Crystal Globe Low Table Centre Lit In White Lighting Winter Wonderland Theme

Crystal Globe Low Centerpieces

Introducing the Crystal Globe Low – the eternal superstar of table centrepieces that never goes out of style. It’s like that trusty little black dress in your closet, always a hit.  Event planners, brace yourselves for an easy choice that oozes sophistication and irresistible charm, making you look like an event-planning wizard. What’s more, these …

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Star Vase Table Centre

Star Vase Centerpieces

The Table-Art fluted vase is showcasing its versatility yet again, but this time it’s adorned with two chic gilded stars. They work together beautifully to catch and reflect the light, creating a stunning effect Stars are a classic symbol at award shows, and with the Star Vase, you’ve got your lucky charm for a night …

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Triple Star Corporate Event Table Centrepieces

Triple Star Centerpieces

Introducing our Triple Star centrepiece – a brilliant addition to our renowned Awards collection. Stars have always symbolized achievement, and this centrepiece takes that symbolism to the next level. Crafted from stunning iridescent acrylic, these three stars elegantly capture and reflect light, creating a mesmerizing display perfect for any awards ceremony. This addition to our …

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Organic Balloon Table Centre Pieces

Organic Balloon Centerpieces

Introducing our one-of-a-kind Organic Balloon centrepiece! It’s a delightful blend of transparent acrylic spheres and a burst of colourful balloons, all designed to suit your preferences. You can easily incorporate your company’s colours, ensuring that your event stays on-brand while radiating sophistication. This playful design has a festive charm, making it an excellent choice for …

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Mirrorball High Corporate Event Table Centrepieces

Tall Mirror Ball Centerpieces

Introducing our fantastic Mirror Ball Tall centrepiece – the ultimate 1970’s disco-inspired table centrepiece. It’s designed to bring that groovy dance floor vibe right to your event. What makes it truly special is the state-of-the-art lighting system, allowing you to sync the dazzling lights to your favourite disco hits, making your party feel like a …

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Mirrorball Low Table Centre

Low Mirror Ball Centerpieces

Get ready to transport your next event back to the dazzling days of Mamma Mia and the funky ’70s with our Low Mirror Ball centrepiece Picture a fusion of radical dance moves and the quintessential disco style right at your table. Designed to ignite the dance floor spirit, this centrepiece exudes pure retro glamour. But …

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Real Ice Melt Table Centre

Ice Melt Centerpieces

Elevate your winter wonderland event with our captivating Ice Melt centrepiece. A stunning Ice Sphere perched on a shimmering glass pedestal, slowly melting throughout the evening. As it melts, delicate droplets fall over hand-carved icicles and collect in a clear water pool at the base of the glass vase. What makes this centrepiece truly magical …

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Single Ice Bucket Corporate Event Table Centrepieces

Ice Bucket Single Centerpieces

Introducing our Single Ice Bucket centrepiece – a perfect blend of style and practicality to add a touch of sophistication to your events. Keep your guests hydrated with a stunning centrepiece that ensures your wine, champagne, beer, or water stays delightfully cool. And if you’re looking to seamlessly incorporate your event branding and match the …

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Clear Candelabra Lit In White Light Corporate Event Table Centrepiece

Clear Candelabra Centerpieces

Say farewell to the days of traditional metal candelabras and real flames. Our Clear Candelabra centrepiece is a striking departure from the ordinary. Crafted from crystal-clear acrylic, it’s not just a centrepiece – it’s a modern work of art. This masterpiece is designed to catch and reflect the mesmerizing glow of our LED lightboxes, turning …

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