Tall Centrepieces

Twisted Flame Table Centre Corporate Event

Twisted Flame Centerpieces

Meet our Twisted Flame Centrepiece! It’s not your average centrepiece! It’s like a dance of flames brought to life on your table. It’s not just any centrepiece; it’s the star of the show during the Awards Season, adding a touch of modern charm to corporate events. But here’s the fun part – it’s also the …

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Star Fountain Table Centrepiece Corporate Event CityNorth Hotel Co Meath

Star Fountain Centerpieces

Galactic Glamour: The Star Fountain Extravaganza! Blast off into a world of celestial charm with our Star Fountain Centrepiece. Under this starry spectacle, your guests will be starstruck faster than you can say “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” But wait, there’s more! If your event’s superhero-level awesome, our Star Fountain is the secret weapon you’ve been …

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Silhouette Vase Table Centre

Silhouette Vase Centerpieces

Introducing our Silhouette Vase – the shapeshifter of chic! It’s not just a vase; it’s a canvas for creativity. Whether you’re a footie fanatic celebrating your heroes or an awards show ready to splash sponsor logos in style, this tall glass wonder is your ticket. Picture this: a customizable print canvas inside, turning your centrepiece …

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Rio Twist Table Centrepiece

Rio Twist Centerpieces

Are you ready to samba your way into the heart of a Carnival-themed fiesta? Look no further than Table Art’s sensational Rio Twist centrepiece! These dazzling showstoppers come in both tall and low versions, and they’ve been shaking up events across the country. What’s the secret to their mesmerizing allure? Two mighty LED plates—one on …

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Pixel Tube Table Centrepieces With Greenery

Pixel Tube Centerpieces

Introducing our Pixel Tube Centrepieces – the life of the party and the talk of the town! These nifty Pixel Tubes aren’t just centrepieces; they’re your ultimate party companions! We’ve sprinkled some cutting-edge tech magic into these tubes, and boy, are they ready to dazzle. Imagine this: your event space transformed into a mesmerizing wonderland. …

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Hot Air Balloon Table Centrepieces For Greatest Showman Theme

Hot Air Balloon Centerpieces

Up, Up, and Away with Dream Circus Hot Air Balloon! Elevate your event to new heights with our Dream Circus Hot Air Balloon centrepiece – a whimsical symbol of adventure and style! This distinctive monochrome masterpiece is the perfect addition to the Dream Circus Concept and is equally at home with a travel theme. Picture …

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Fringed Lamp Table Centre

Fringed Lamp Centerpieces

Shine a Light on Style: The Fringed Lamp – Where Vintage Meets Magic! Step into the world of vintage charm with our Fringed Lamp Table Centre – it’s the timeless style that just won’t quit! The Fringed Lamp is like the icing on the cake for that old-world look, which is gaining popularity faster than …

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Crystal Globe Tall Centerpieces

Step into the timeless charm of our Crystal Globe Tall. This Table Art stand has rubbed shoulders with the cool kids at many high-profile events and it’s not showing its age one bit. This classic beauty, adorned with our sparkling crystal globe, sprinkles instant pizzazz on any event. It’s like adding a dash of glitter …

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Summit Table Centre

The Summit Centerpieces

Introducing the Summit centrepiece, a one-of-a-kind angular design destined to infuse your event with a fresh, distinctive style. This centrepiece is the perfect choice for events with a lofty, ambitious theme, symbolizing the journey to the pinnacle of success. Expertly crafted from frosted acrylic, the Summit centrepiece has gained immense popularity, particularly during awards season, …

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Star Vase Table Centre

Star Vase Centerpieces

The Table-Art fluted vase is showcasing its versatility yet again, but this time it’s adorned with two chic gilded stars. They work together beautifully to catch and reflect the light, creating a stunning effect Stars are a classic symbol at award shows, and with the Star Vase, you’ve got your lucky charm for a night …

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Shimmer Lamp Corporate Event Table Centrepieces

Shimmer Lamp Centerpieces

Elevate your disco-themed soiree to a whole new level with our captivating Shimmer Lamps. These enchanting lamps steal the spotlight, bedecked in shimmering silver sequins that dance gracefully, creating a mesmerizing play of light across your table. Perched atop our timeless acrylic stands, these lamps tower above your guests’ eye level, ensuring an unobstructed view. …

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Rugby Tall Table Centrepieces

Rugby Tall Stand Centerpieces

Elevate your event décor with our Rugby Ball Tall centrepiece. A perfect fusion of classic Table-Art design and the commanding presence of a Rugby Ball. It’s the ideal way to proudly showcase your club’s colours or seamlessly blend into your event’s theme. You can customize it by choosing your club’s ball and use our lighting …

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