Silhouette Vase Table Centre

Silhouette Vase Centerpieces

Introducing our Silhouette Vase – the shapeshifter of chic! It’s not just a vase; it’s a canvas for creativity. Whether you’re a footie fanatic celebrating your heroes or an awards show ready to splash sponsor logos in style, this tall glass wonder is your ticket. Picture this: a customizable print canvas inside, turning your centrepiece …

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Branded Lantern Table Centres

Branded Lantern Centerpieces

Light Up Your Event with the Branded Lantern Centrepiece! Introducing the Branded Lantern Centrepiece, your event’s new BFF! When it’s time to put your sponsor logos in the spotlight or add some serious event pizzazz, this centre-stage stunner takes the cake. This cool, cylindrical centrepiece gives your designer a massive canvas to work their magic …

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Organic Balloon Table Centre Pieces

Organic Balloon Centerpieces

Introducing our one-of-a-kind Organic Balloon centrepiece! It’s a delightful blend of transparent acrylic spheres and a burst of colourful balloons, all designed to suit your preferences. You can easily incorporate your company’s colours, ensuring that your event stays on-brand while radiating sophistication. This playful design has a festive charm, making it an excellent choice for …

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Martini Glass Casino Chip Table Centrepieces

Martini Glass Centerpieces

Elevate your corporate events with our Martini Glass centrepiece. A true classic that never goes out of style. This iconic Martini glass gets a whole new look when we personalize it with your brand, giving you a simple yet elegant way to showcase your logo. Our design team is here to make the transformation process …

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Logo Sphere Table Centres For Events

Logo Sphere Centerpieces

Enhance your event by showcasing your brand identity at every opportunity! That’s why we’re excited to introduce our Logo Sphere. It’s a unique centrepiece that features a clear sphere encasing your distinctive logo, all elegantly presented on a plinth. Break away from the ordinary and host a corporate event that’s truly special. The Logo Sphere …

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Logo Disc Stack Table Centrepieces

Logo Disc Stack Centerpieces

Elevate your event’s branding with our Logo Disc Stack centrepiece! Make a powerful statement at your next gathering by placing your company’s identity right at the heart of the table. Crafted to perfection, this centrepiece comprises a tall glass vase adorned with four sleek acrylic discs. These discs serve as a canvas for your unique …

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Logo Block Table Centrepiece

Logo Block Centerpieces

Are you looking to make a lasting brand impression at your corporate event? Look no further than our Logo Block centrepiece. Our Logo Block centrepiece rental service offers a fantastic way to place your company’s logo right at the heart of your event. With its contemporary design and clean lines, it provides the perfect platform …

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Real Ice Melt Table Centre

Ice Melt Centerpieces

Elevate your winter wonderland event with our captivating Ice Melt centrepiece. A stunning Ice Sphere perched on a shimmering glass pedestal, slowly melting throughout the evening. As it melts, delicate droplets fall over hand-carved icicles and collect in a clear water pool at the base of the glass vase. What makes this centrepiece truly magical …

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Football Boot Corporate Event Table Centrepieces

Football Boot Display Centerpieces

Elevate your football-themed event with our captivating Football Boot centrepiece! It’s perfect for celebrating your star players of the year or boosting your club’s funds. This centrepiece is all about creating an unforgettable football experience. You’ll have a football boot right at the centre of every table, and it also doubles as a practical table …

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Branded Display Case Corporate Event Table Centrepiece

Display Case Centerpieces

Effortlessly blend sophistication and innovation to elevate any event into a truly unforgettable experience. These centrepieces are crafted with precision and a keen sense of style, ensuring that they not only captivate but also make a lasting impression on all your attendees. What makes them even more special is their ability to carry your unique …

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