Twisted Flame Table Centre Corporate Event

Twisted Flame Centerpieces

Meet our Twisted Flame Centrepiece! It’s not your average centrepiece! It’s like a dance of flames brought to life on your table. It’s not just any centrepiece; it’s the star of the show during the Awards Season, adding a touch of modern charm to corporate events. But here’s the fun part – it’s also the …

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Lily Vase Table Centre Piece

Lily Vase Centerpieces

Introduce an air of sophistication into your space with our Lily Vase centrepiece. Crafted Crafted from stunning fluted glass, this vase boasts a captivating arrangement of lilies thoughtfully interwoven with monstera leaves and delicate grass. It’s a departure from the ordinary, making it a perfect introduction to our Table-Art range, where tradition meets cutting-edge technology. …

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Ostrich Feather Table Centrepieces Lit In Colour

Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

Introducing the stunning Lily Vase Feather centrepiece! Adorned with a magnificent crown of pristine white ostrich feathers, this vase is the epitome of opulence within our exquisite, fluted vase range. Whether you’re planning an Art Deco-inspired awards evening or throwing a birthday bash fit for a true diva, the Ostrich Feather Centerpiece Vase is the …

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Real Ice Melt Table Centre

Ice Melt Centerpieces

Elevate your winter wonderland event with our captivating Ice Melt centrepiece. A stunning Ice Sphere perched on a shimmering glass pedestal, slowly melting throughout the evening. As it melts, delicate droplets fall over hand-carved icicles and collect in a clear water pool at the base of the glass vase. What makes this centrepiece truly magical …

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Full Moon Table Centrepiece For Enchanted Forest Theme

Full Moon Centerpieces

The Full Moon centrepiece stands as a prime candidate for our most beloved design. It gracefully occupies the lowest tier on your table, ensuring an unobstructed view of the stage for your guests. The Full Moon centrepiece magically magnifies the impact of our lighting system, offering exquisite light diffusion as the default setting. This versatile …

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Flower Fountain Table Centre

Flower Fountain Centerpieces

Introducing our stunning Flower Fountain centrepieces, where nature’s charm meets indoor elegance to bring a touch of glamour to your event. These centrepieces are the epitome of sophistication and innovation, transforming your gathering into an extraordinary experience. These centrepieces boast a captivating display of cascading blooms gently illuminated from within a fluted vase, creating a …

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Floating Flower Table Centre Event The Convention Centre Dublin

Flower Float Centerpieces

Introduce a touch of modern elegance with our Flower Float centrepieces. This chic twist on tradition offers an understated yet sophisticated choice for your event, breaking away from the ordinary Featured at numerous gatherings, both local and international, the Flower Float showcases a captivating blend of delicate orchids intricately woven with wire. Elevate your event …

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Floating Flower Corporate Event Table Centrepieces

Flower Air Centerpieces

We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce the Flower Air, a magnificent addition to our Table-Art Collection. Flower Air – where art meets inspiration. This centrepiece is all about sophistication and pure beauty. It gives the illusion of orchids floating gracefully mid-air inside a delicate glass cylinder, creating a flawless focal point for any setting. If you’re …

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Fish Bowl Table Centre

Fish Bowl Centerpieces

With its timeless design, the Fish Bowl centrepiece is the ideal choice for events like awards shows, presentation evenings, and year-end reviews. This versatile centrepiece, complete with a Fish Bowl adorned with lilies and delicate grass details, effortlessly complements any setting. Our Fish Bowl centrepiece offers a captivating twist to match your theme – customizable …

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Coral Table Centrepiece

Coral Centerpieces

Introducing our stunning Coral centrepiece – a truly special addition to your event. What sets this centrepiece apart is the option to choose a colour that matches your theme perfectly, ensuring it harmonizes with your decor.  Each piece is entirely unique, adding a touch of exclusivity to your table. Our Atlantis-inspired styling reimagines the underwater …

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Christmas Tree Centerpieces

Introducing our Frosted Christmas Tree centrepiece, a modern twist on traditional Christmas table decor. This contemporary design stands out with its sleek lines and clean, elegant finish, offering a refreshing departure from the norm. Crafted with care, the hand-frosted texture and delicate star accents lend an undeniable sense of quality and sophistication to your festive …

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Cactus Table Centre Piece

Cactus Centerpieces

Set the stage for a Wild West adventure at your event with our stunning Cactus centrepiece. It’ll make your guests feel like they’ve stepped right out of a saloon, ready to join Buffalo Bill on a desert escapade. If you’re riding the wave of the latest event trends, the Day of the Dead theme, our …

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