Organic Balloon Table Centre Pieces

Organic Balloon Centerpieces

Introducing our one-of-a-kind Organic Balloon centrepiece! It’s a delightful blend of transparent acrylic spheres and a burst of colourful balloons, all designed to suit your preferences. You can easily incorporate your company’s colours, ensuring that your event stays on-brand while radiating sophistication. This playful design has a festive charm, making it an excellent choice for …

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Floating Flower Table Centre Event The Convention Centre Dublin

Flower Float Centerpieces

Introduce a touch of modern elegance with our Flower Float centrepieces. This chic twist on tradition offers an understated yet sophisticated choice for your event, breaking away from the ordinary Featured at numerous gatherings, both local and international, the Flower Float showcases a captivating blend of delicate orchids intricately woven with wire. Elevate your event …

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Floating Flower Corporate Event Table Centrepieces

Flower Air Centerpieces

We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce the Flower Air, a magnificent addition to our Table-Art Collection. Flower Air – where art meets inspiration. This centrepiece is all about sophistication and pure beauty. It gives the illusion of orchids floating gracefully mid-air inside a delicate glass cylinder, creating a flawless focal point for any setting. If you’re …

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Fish Bowl Table Centre

Fish Bowl Centerpieces

With its timeless design, the Fish Bowl centrepiece is the ideal choice for events like awards shows, presentation evenings, and year-end reviews. This versatile centrepiece, complete with a Fish Bowl adorned with lilies and delicate grass details, effortlessly complements any setting. Our Fish Bowl centrepiece offers a captivating twist to match your theme – customizable …

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Coral Table Centrepiece

Coral Centerpieces

Introducing our stunning Coral centrepiece – a truly special addition to your event. What sets this centrepiece apart is the option to choose a colour that matches your theme perfectly, ensuring it harmonizes with your decor.  Each piece is entirely unique, adding a touch of exclusivity to your table. Our Atlantis-inspired styling reimagines the underwater …

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Fish Bowl Blossom Corporate Event Table Centrepieces

Blossom Bowl Centerpieces

Introducing our Blossom Bowl centrepiece, a breathtaking blend of nature and sophistication Encased within our timeless bowl, the vibrant cherry blossoms gracefully announce the arrival of spring, allowing you to infuse your space with the refreshing beauty of the outdoors. Experience the enchanting allure of these delicate pastel petals, which come to life when combined …

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